It’s scary to investigate the ingredients found in traditional kinds of toothpaste because of the incredible health risks they pose to us. As a product we use on a daily basis, toothpaste should be a source of protection for our teeth and gums, not a potential health risk. We believe in natural and healthy products, so we’ve compiled a list of 5 reasons to switch to a natural toothpaste brand.

1. Provides a Natural Clean

Provides a Natural Clean

Natural toothpaste provides a natural clean. By using plant and fruit extracts and botanical bases instead of toxic chemicals, natural toothpaste provides a truly organic clean. Mint, licorice, green tea and papaya are just a few natural fibers used to whiten teeth, kill bacteria and freshen your breath. With so many natural options it’s easier than you might think to go natural and avoid harmful chemicals.

2. Escape Harsh Chemicals

Escape Harsh Chemicals

Have you ever looked at your toothpaste ingredients? It’s extremely common to find harmful chemicals, such as Sodium Laurel Sulfate, Saccharin and Triclosan, at the top of the list. Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) is a harmful skin irritant that can prolong and irritate canker sores, cold sores and other oral infections. Saccharin is used to sweeten the taste but has been found to cause kidney cancer and is no longer used to sweeten foods because of its health effects. It’s time to switch to natural toothpaste that substitutes organic ingredients for these poisonous chemicals.

3. Improve Your General Health

Improve Your Health

With an abundance of toxins, it’s obvious that traditional toothpaste is bad for your general health. Your mouth is home to porous mucous membranes that are extremely permeable and absorb these chemicals just to deposit them straight into your bloodstream. Toxic chemicals in traditional toothpaste don’t just stay in your mouth; they make their way through your entire body. Switching to natural toothpaste decreases the number of harmful toxins your body encounters on a daily basis. When we minimize these toxins it’s easy to keep not only your oral but also your general health in better shape.

4. No Fluoride

No Fluoride

It’s no surprise that a lack of fluoride is a reason to switch from traditional kinds of toothpaste to a natural brand. Fluoride has continuously been debated since it was introduced to our municipal water supply in *high doses. Natural toothpastes (not all but most of them) are fluoride-free because of the health risks associated for both children and adults. If you’re curious about the benefits of fluoride-free toothpastes, check out our post ‘Fluoride-Free: What It Means’.

5. Betters the Environment

Betters the Environment

Putting chemicals and health risks aside, natural toothpastes are simply more environmentally friendly than traditional toothpaste brands and companies. A handful of natural brands boast no animal testing policies and help produce products that do not harm the environment upon disposal. Natural brands keep the planet and humanity in mind while creating products that are naturally found and organically created.

Natural toothpastes are free of preservatives, fillers and chemicals. They provide organically based options that do not pose threats to your oral or general health. Toothpaste is a product we use every day; we should be conscious that our brands have our overall health in the forefront of their minds.

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