Today’s traditional tubes of toothpaste are created using killer chemicals—and not in a good way. It’s natural (and the right decision) to seek natural or organic options that help keep you, and your family, away from ingesting unnecessary toxins during your daily health and wellness routines.

The majority of natural toothpaste options are confined to two varieties: oil-based and clay-based. But, when both offer such incredible benefits for your dental health, why just choose one? When it comes to toothpaste, a natural option, with an oil and clay base, can provide you with impacts far beyond your sparkling pearly whites.

Benefits of Oil-Based Toothpaste


Organic sesame oil is one of our favorite oils used as a base for natural toothpaste. Like most naturally occurring oils, sesame oil has the ability to kill harmful bio and increase resistance to damage and chemicals through it’s properties. The best part about an oil-based toothpaste is the fact that it can do what synthetic toothpaste does without all the added toxic chemicals.

Oil-based toothpaste helps whiten your teeth and boosts your overall oral wellness. Ancient traditions like oil pulling promoted detoxification of teeth and gums by swishing oil in your mouth. Oil-based toothpaste also helps cut through and remove tooth plaque while whitening your teeth without increased sensitivity.

Benefits of Clay-Based Toothpaste

Clay-based toothpaste benefits

Like oil-based toothpaste, clay-based toothpaste allows your teeth to remineralize using your body’s natural saliva. It also provides a non-toxic and chemical-free combo.

The best part about clay-based toothpaste is the fact that it gently and constantly removes plaque buildup from your entire tooth—think in between your teeth and around your gum line. This toothpaste also gives you a nice natural clean that is smooth in texture as it scrubs away unwanted plaque and bacteria. Without harmful micro beads or harsh chemicals, a clay-based toothpaste safely scrubs your teeth and gums without any harm.

It can be especially helpful for anyone who has a permanent retainer and struggles to floss between the bonded areas. It helps get a greater clean without damaging your dental investments, i.e. retainers and fillings, or your gum line.

Because of its negative charges, clay also has the ability to bind with positively charged toxins. As you brush your teeth with a clay-based toothpaste, you’ll remove unsafe metal particles and toxins from between your teeth and under your tongue.

Natural toothpaste brands are a safe and more effective option for people trying to minimize the number of harmful toxins and chemicals they ingest on a daily basis. Natural toothpaste, like TruthPaste, that has both an oil and clay-based recipe will provide you with natural cleaning options that truly provide a better and safer clean. For whiter teeth, healthier gums, and chemical-free options, try a natural toothpaste with a powerful base ingredient like oil or clay (or both!).

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