Clear skin and healthy hair—two things we all want. Most of us turn to one of the numerous beauty products on store shelves to help us achieve better skin and hair, not fully understanding these products are made with a variety of harsh chemicals and aggressive substances that aren’t good for our holistic health.

The good news is there are also plenty of natural and organic options to use to stay healthy and beautiful. These holistic solutions work magic on your body without the dangerous contact from chemicals and synthetic irritants.

Clear Skin

For some of us naturally perfect skin has never come easily; and even if you’ve been blessed with clear skin an increase in stress, lack of sleep, or poor eating habits can cause clear skin to quickly disappear. Consider trying a few natural remedies to decrease the number of chemicals your body comes in contact by clearing your skin with organically inspired treatments.


Lemon isolated on white background

Lemons are a great option for anyone looking for clearer skin and a better complexion. As a natural astringent and antibacterial agent, the juice helps exfoliate and remove dead skin from your face faster than any synthetic product. Lemons also have a bleaching agent that helps lighten dark spots and improve your overall facial complexion. At a fraction of the cost you’ll pay for most toners and facial scrubs, lemons are a better alternative for clear skin.

Green Tea

green tea leaf isolated on white background

Green tea is the definition of a holistic solution for clear skin—you can use it topically or ingest it to help fight acne.

Topically, green tea helps decrease the production of sebum (the stuff that clogs your pores) by 50%. Benzoyl Peroxide is a popular ingredient in synthetic face wash that removes dirt and oil from the face, but it is a heavy irritant that dries out and aggravates skin. Green tea is a natural form of cleansing with more effective results compared to Benzoyl Peroxide. Green tea gently reduces sebum with its antibacterial properties, while also removing and killing acne-causing bacterias.

If you love to drink green tea, adding it to your daily routine will help fight your hormonal as well as stress related acne thanks to its antioxidants. By regulating insulin levels in your body, green tea balances hormones and can decrease the severity of hormonal acne. Drinking green tea also helps with stress related acne because of its cortisol-release, which relaxes and regulates your body’s stress related reactions.

Healthy Hair

healthy long hair

Like clear skin, not all of us have been blessed with naturally long and strong locks. A surprising amount of popular shampoos and conditioners leave chemicals and grime behind after you’ve rinsed your hair. For a more natural clean, steer clear of traditional shampoos and hair care products.

Organic Shampoo

You can make multiple hair masks at home with ingredients you probably normally buy at the grocery store. Made with eggs, avocados, and various types of oils, your true hair health will be maintained with shampoo that is doing more than stripping your roots of their natural oils and grease. Organic shampoos gently infuse your hair with minerals, moisturizers, and oils to make your mane stronger, longer, and healthier. They don’t leave behind harmful residue after you’ve rinsed. Plus they’re biodegradable once they go down the drain!

Natural Hair Products

Everyone has different hair care products they prefer—from hairspray to heat protection there’s an abundance of chemically enhanced products we use on a daily basis. Switching to natural or even organic hair products is a more holistic solution for healthier hair. Organic products cut down on the sulphates, parabens, and PPG that you are exposed to with common hair products.

Stay away from harsh chemicals and aggressive irritants in your daily facial and hair routines. You’ll better attain clear skin and healthy hair with holistic and organic solutions, while cutting down on your body’s exposure to dangerous toxins.

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