Dentists and health experts alike agree that cleaning your tongue should immediately be added into your morning oral routine, if it isn’t already. The tongue is a vital part of your oral tract; not only is it the first line of defense for your immune system but it is also responsible for your ability to taste and swallow. The tongue is such an important muscular organ. But sometimes we forget it needs just as much oral care as our teeth and gums.

When it comes to brushing or scraping, which should you be doing?

Tongue Brushing

Tongue brushing is a great first step towards better oral care. Tongue brushing helps remove top layers of bacteria, dead cells, and food debris that gather throughout the day and during your sleep cycle. The removal of bacteria and better breath are the biggest benefits of brushing your tongue daily.

Removes Bacteria

Your immune system begins with your tongue, and you have to properly care for it if it is going to keep bad bacteria and germs from entering your body. Physically cleaning and removing bacteria from your tongue ensures the toxins your organs have already discharged don’t get recycled back into your body. The best thing tongue brushing can do for you is remove the top layer of film and gunk from your mouth, leading to fewer bacteria and better overall oral health.

Helps With Bad Breath

Brushing your tongue also helps fight bad breath. The optimum way to fight those bad odors that originate from the back of your tongue is to remove them by brushing them away after brushing your teeth.

Tongue Scraping

While brushing your tongue is a good first step towards better oral care, scraping your tongue is the gateway to true oral superiority. Tongue scraping is a more thorough way to take care of your mouth’s hardest working muscle. But besides removing bacteria and curing bad breath, what else can tongue scraping do for you?

Improves Taste

Scraping your tongue helps remove blockages between your food and your taste buds. In doing so, you’re actually able to taste the food you’re eating, and you won’t suffer from false cravings created by your tongue’s congested taste buds.

Mirrors Internal Organs

Did you know specific places on your tongue reflect what’s going on with your internal organs? Well, it’s true. The gunk on your tongue can be traced back to specific organs to see what is happening with your internal health. By scraping away these toxins you can boost your body’s entire immune system.

Doesn’t Reabsorb Toxins

Not only does scraping remove tongue bacteria, but it also makes sure your body isn’t reabsorbing any of the toxins it has produced. Sometimes when you brush your tongue you leave some toxins behind, or you just move them around to your teeth and gums in the process. By scraping off bacteria you’re riding your body of toxins it has already dispelled of — for good.

Brushing and scraping are two common ways to rid your tongue of bacteria and bad breath. Properly taking care of your tongue helps fight tooth decay, plaque build up, gum infections, and loss of teeth for better overall oral health. While both brushing and scraping help restore your oral health, scraping is a much more effective and beneficial process. Because a tongue scraper is more thorough in removing bacteria and toxins, it simply cleans your tongue better!

Whichever practice you chose; just remember the importance of a clean tongue.

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