You buy organic vegetables and fruit. You’ll only purchase non-toxic sunblock. So do you think the toothpaste you get that’s sparkly and has a red and blue stripe is totally fine for your family to use?


Why You Want Natural Toothpaste

Most conventional toothpaste brands contain harmful ingredients, some that are even toxic, including:

  • Triclosan: an antimicrobial chemical used in many consumer products that was first registered as a pesticide and may alter hormone regulation
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS): a surfactant chemical and insecticide that damages taste buds and is a skin irritant
  • Fluoride: a chemical that can be toxic if swallowed
  • Glycerin: a soap that while non-toxic does strip away your body’s natural oral mucosa and leaves behind a film
  • Artificial Dyes: can cause hyperactivity in kids with ADHD


The Best Ingredients to Use in Natural Toothpaste

You care about your oral health, and so do we, which is why we want you to know what ingredients should be used in a natural toothpaste that’s actually good for you:

  • Baking soda: Thanks to the morning glass of OJ you drink and other foods you eat, your mouth is constantly being attacked by acids. Baking soda, because of its alkalinity, helps neutralize these acids without being overly abrasive to your teeth and helps make your pearly whites even whiter.
  • Montmorillonite clay: You’ve heard a little dirt never hurt—and you’ve heard right. Montmorillonite clay, also referred to as bentonite clay, binds to unhealthy substances inside your mouth, specifically those around your teeth and on your gums and tongue, and aids in removing them so you don’t swallow them and get sick. You achieve great oral health when you achieve a balanced ecosystem of bacteria inside your mouth, and clay is a natural polisher full of minerals as well as an alkaline so it also helps reduce acidity.
  • Cacao nibs: Chocolate can’t be good for our teeth, right?. But what if we told you chocolate can actually be a dental health food that effectively fights cavities, plaque and tooth decay. Don’t rush off to the grocery store and buy a package of Hershey’s though; crushed cacao nibs are the way to go because they promote remineralization.
  • Coconut oil: Coconut oil doesn’t contain harmful chemicals and it helps boost the microbiome in your gut and is an effective agent against bacteria that causes cavities. Coconut oil is also good for oil pulling.
  • Essential oils: When essential oils are used with brushing and flossing, together they’re a deadly weapon; a deadly weapon to plaque and gingivitis that is. They also add therapeutic benefits and give your toothpaste flavor.
  • Xylitol: Xylitol has the capability of reducing bacteria in your mouth that causes cavities. But since it’s a natural sweetener, don’t add too much or it could program your taste buds to crave more sweet things.

Coconut oil, essential oil from nature


Toothpaste Ingredients to Avoid

For the best oral care, you need to know what ingredients your natural toothpaste should and should not contain. You know you want natural toothpaste without fluoride, triclosan and artificial dyes, but here’s what else you should avoid:

  • Hydrogen peroxide: While this is an added ingredient to whitening products that does work, it’s not for toothpaste. For hydrogen peroxide to whiten your teeth, it needs to be up against your teeth for an extended period of time; not just the 2-3 minutes you spend brushing your teeth. When used in toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide comes in contact with your gums and tongue, creating free radicals that age you, so it really should just touch your tooth enamel.
  • Anything acidic: We’ve already established your mouth is pounded with acidic foods and drinks every day. Yes, your tooth enamel is made to resist these acids, but the constant attack from bad foods, and even good foods, means your mouth needs a break so remineralization is possible. Your toothpaste ideally should have a pH level of 7 or higher.

birch sugar and leaves of stevia on bitch background


The TruthPaste Difference

Many of the toothpaste brands claiming to be “natural” and “healthy” aren’t at all. If you look on the back of their ingredients list you’ll find it packed with chemicals you can’t pronounce as well as foamers, colors and more that aren’t good for you.

Anybody can put anything in a bottle and call it “natural.” And since we couldn’t find a truly naturally healthy toothpaste on store shelves, we decided to create one.

TruthPaste is developed to deeply clean your teeth and gums without using harsh chemicals you can’t pronounce. Its plant-powered formula is rich in minerals and supports your mouth’s natural oral ecology.

So what’s inside TruthPaste? Purely organic ingredients we’ve hand selected, such as organic sesame oil, colloidal silver, numerous organic essential oils and more. Visit our ingredients page to learn more about our natural toothpaste. Because unlike some other brands out there, we believe in being totally transparent with consumers so you know exactly what you’re getting when you use our product.

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