Triclosan is an antimicrobial chemical found in many toothpastes, cosmetics, soaps and household products. If the idea of brushing your teeth with a chemical also found in paint and sealant isn’t enough to deter you from use, it’s dangerous side effects should be.

Several studies have shown the negative effects of triclosan on humans and animals:

  • Hormone irregularity leading to thyroid issues and increased risk of breast cancer
  • Bacterial immunity to antibiotics
  • Increased risk of tumor formation in the liver and kidneys
  • Decreased cardiovascular activity
  • Birth defects in pregnant women
  • Increased risk of allergy formation in children

Other studies have shown the antimicrobial chemical has a negative effect on the environment.

Healthy procedure. Young smiling girl is about to brush her teeth.

The Toxic Effects of Triclosan

Numerous studies have shown Triclosan to have a negative influence on humans and animals. One recent study showed mice who received exposure to the chemical, at a rate comparable to that of human exposure, showed a 25 percent decrease in cardiac activity only 20 minutes after contact.

Another study revealed the antimicrobial chemical increases your risk of developing tumors in both the liver and kidneys. Mice were exposed to levels of the chemical during a six-month period, consistent with human exposure levels in triclosan-containing consumer products, and as a result experienced the cellular conditions necessary for cancerous tumor formation upon a gene mutation.

Although the triclosan itself was not definitively cancer causing, it creates a “perfect storm scenario” for cancer-causing tumors to form after DNA mutate. Researchers from the study concluded these risks could also apply to humans and recommended using products without the chemical.

Triclosan has also been found to have a negative effect on pregnant women with regard to their estrogen absorption and decreasing the amount of pregnancy enzymes. Additionally, it’s found in higher levels in pregnant women than non-pregnant women.

The negative effects of triclosan don’t stop there. Numerous environmental surveys have concluded the chemical is dangerous for water supplies and ecosystems.

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